Veja is a French footwear, bags and accessories brand manifesting principles of economic, social, and environmental development since 2004. Their brand creates a positive chain from the producers to the consumers, making all of their goods in a factory in Brazil where the dignity of the workforce – and the impact of the manufacturing process on the environment – are highly respected. Veja uses only organic and fairtrade cotton for the canvas of the shoes, with 40% of each sole made of rubber from the Amazon rainforest. Their cotton is grown by a co-operative of small farmers who have adopted agro-ecological methods and are committed to using no chemicals or pesticides on their crops. Upon arrival in France, the manufacturing is turned over to Ateliers Sans Frontières, an association working to reintegrate people facing social exclusion back into the workforce. Veja’s methodical eco-friendly production process, combined with their minimalist aesthetics and innovative technologies, make them a natural fit with Master & Muse by Amber Valletta.

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