The Sway features a line of covetable leather bags and jackets by Sydney-raised designer, Belinda Pasqua.  Belinda began her career working in fashion before heeding the call of her Australian and more alternative roots (she grew up eating homegrown produce and bushwhacking on her vacations).  It wasn’t long before she was producing jackets and handbags made out of the excess, upcycled leathers from motorcycle accessories.  The Sway is the perfect example of fashion-forward – luxurious designs that are both innovative and sustainable.

The buttery leathers used in all of The Sway’s products – choices include chestnut, black, periwinkle, and white – are upcycled from a motorcycle accessories factory in Pakistan.  Belinda herself travels to Karachi to ensure green production (the factory uses advanced natural alternative energy sources) and fair treatment for the craftswomen.  The Sway’s environment-friendly practices range from their aboriginal-print linings (rewoven cotton) to their packaging materials (recycled paper and cotton fibers).  You can easily see why we are so excited to feature The Sway on Master & Muse.

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