Melissa Joy Manning created her first piece of jewelry in pre-school, a ceramic bead necklace that still holds a treasured place in her mother’s collection today.  With such an auspicious beginning, Melissa has gone on to become one of the leading sustainable jewelry designers in the world.  The boldness of her work with natural stones has come to epitomize timeless, modern luxury.

Melissa has truly earned her status as a socially responsible designer, both in ethos and in action.  She uses only conflict-free stones and recycled gold and silver from refineries that practice the highest available environmental standards.  Melissa makes sure that each piece is handmade to order by artists being paid a living wage in her green-certified California studio.  Whatever metal scraps aren’t used are sent back to the refineries for recycle and reuse.  We think Melissa’s compassion for the environment, and for the people with whom she works, makes her pieces that much more stunning and valuable.  The fact that Melissa has attained her success while remaining steadfast in her commitment to employing the most sustainable business practices makes her a natural fit for Master & Muse.

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