Marcia Patmos learned about design from her grandmother, who taught her how to make and repurpose anything by sewing, knitting and crocheting. The guiding inspiration behind M. Patmos was thus hatched early – to combine traditional craftsmanship and sustainable design in the creation of her modern, understated, beautifully crafted clothing. Marcia mixes modern manufactured techniques with handmade processess, while in participating with artisan communities all around the world.

Marcia has been praised for her thoughtful production techniques and her refusal to use any synthetic fibers in her collection. All of the Pashmina Scarves in her line are hand woven in Nepal by a women’s artisan collective. In 2011, M. Patmos collaborated with luxury shoe designer Manolo Blahnik to design a line of sustainable sandals. That same year, Marcia was named winner of the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation and the 2011 recipient of the Lexus Eco-Challenge award for her environmental friendly design practices. We’re excited to offer her brand on Master & Muse by Amber Valletta.

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