Linda Mai Phung is a French fashion designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Linda’s designs are inspired by her journeys around the world, and made with equal parts attention to detail and their impact on the environment. She exclusively uses cotton from an organic jersey stock in China, all certified G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standards), as well as locally-sourced silk and canvas. Her manufacturer is a small independent atelier in Ho Chi Minh City, where she makes sure the workers are paid fair wages. From the day she launched her eponymous label in 2010, Linda has maintained the same strong commitment to socially responsible fashion that we value so highly at Master & Muse by Amber Valletta. For her efforts, Linda has received the Eco-fashion Designer Award by Néoplanète Magazine in 2011 (France), the Creativity Prize of the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris in 2011, and the Innovation Source Award 2012 of the Ethical Fashion Forum in London.

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