Growing up in Texas, sisters Kris and Kim Nations were constantly exposed to Southwestern art and design. So when the duo moved to Northern California to start their own USA-made jewelry line, they naturally brought a wild west flair along with them. The result is beautiful jewelry with a California-meets-Southwest vibe. The two sisters began producing their original line of eclectic jewelry after being encouraged to do so by their mother. Mama Nations not only serves as the sisters’ primary inspiration, but also the audience for whom Kim and Kris imagine they are designing their jewelry, “a graceful, worldly woman with true personal style that transcends time and trends.”
The Nations sisters’ free-spirited sense of style — equal parts sophisticated and bohemian, with a little vintage inspiration thrown into the mix — is evident in their highly original line of eclectic jewelry. Each brings their own unique perspective to the table, sharing ideas and polishing concepts until a truly collaborative design emerges. The finished pieces combine Kim’s retro-modern aesthetic with Kris’ flair for color in surprising combinations. The sisters’ eco-friendly studio and tight sibling bond make us all the more enthusiastic about welcoming them to our family at Master & Muse by Amber Valletta.

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