Kayu is a California-based brand founded in 2008 by Jamie Lim.  Beginning with her eco-friendly sunglasses collection, made from sustainable bamboo, and continuing with her exquisite line of clutches, Jamie’s commitment to socially responsible fashion is impressive and inspiring.  For every pair of Kayu sunglasses sold, the company donates $20 to fund sight-restoring surgery in the developing world; for each clutch that is purchased, Jamie donates a backpack and school supplies to Cambodia.

Jamie’s appreciation for design, and for protecting the planet, was born out of a desire to preserve and cultivate the traditional techniques of the artisans with whom she grew up in Southeast Asia.  Her elaborately constructed clutches are individually handcrafted in a women’s co-op in Asia using sustainably-sourced materials like shell, straw, and bamboo.  The process can often take more than three weeks to complete.  At Master & Muse, we share Kayu’s core principles of craftsmanship, ecology, and ethics, and heartily support their efforts to help the fashion world evolve, one clutch at a time.

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