Joanna Cave is an emerging jewelry designer whose elegant creations have garnered much attention, for being equal parts timeless and modern, stylish and responsible.  Raised by English parents on a remote Aegean island, she developed a deep respect for the environment.  Joanna’s multi-cultural upbringing has undoubtedly had a large impact on her work as she adheres to the principle of “doing as little damage as we can” in producing her jewelry.

Shortly after setting up her own studio in Athens, Joanna started exploring the concept of sustainability.  She uses recycled silver and ethically sourced pearls from the Greek Islands.  Her pieces achieve an organic feel because of her use of a 2D form to cut out patterns and motifs, as opposed to the laser cutters and machines employed by other designers.  Joanna’s jewelry is made by people who love their jobs, and are paid fairly for doing them.  We are happy to welcome Joanna to Master & Muse.

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