Coclico was founded in 2000 by Sandra Canselier, a fourth-generation shoemaker, who cares deeply about creating ethical footwear. Coclico shoes are gorgeous yet understated, meticulously constructed yet intentionally simple at the same time. The collection’s symbol and logo is the poppy flower, pronounced “coquelicot” in French. Primarily inspired by nature, Coclico strives to respect its muse throughout the design and manufacturing process.

After bringing designer Lisa Nading on board in 2006, Coclico accelerated their evolution as an ecologically conscious shoe company. They began using materials made from regionally-produced, vegetable-tanned leathers, FSC-certified cork, and nickel-free, lead-free leather. These materials are sourced from regional suppliers, located close to the Coclico factory in Mallorca, Spain, itself notable for its high safety standards, environmental reliability, and for providing living wages to its craftspeople. Their innovative, socially responsible shoe designs are paving a new path for footwear in the 21st century. Coclico’s shoes, and their sustainable approach to making them, are a perfect fit for Master & Muse by Amber Valletta.

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