Carmina Campus

Ilaria Fendi, heiress and former designer for Fendi, courageously stepped away from her family’s iconic fashion house to pursue her own dreams. Living on her organic farm outside of Rome, Ilaria envisioned and created Carmina Campus, a responsibly made luxury accessories line. Carmina Campus means “odes to the field” and is a stunning line of accessories crafted from discarded materials using methods of luxury production that she learned from her influential family. Her materials are often her inspiration – collecting end-of-line, vintage, and unused materials and giving them new life in one of her bags. Every Carmina Campus bag is individually unique and one of kind.

Fendi’s intuitive desire to engage in sustainable practices and contribute positively to the world, brought her to Africa. She took Italian artisans to factories in Cameroon and Kenya and trained workers to make Carmina Campus bags there. Her slogan – Not Charity Just Work – is imprinted on some of the bags. At Master & Muse, we celebrate the Camina Campus Collection – a blend of classic, effortless fashion handbags with innovation and ethical production.

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