bush princess

Charlotte Lefebvre, founder of Bush Princess has a strong background in fashion – she started as a Parisian model from Sweden, then became Artistic Director at a French handbag studio “Terre de Bruyere.” After moving to Kenya with her husband in 2008, she followed her heart and created Bush Princess, a responsibly made collection of beautiful, luxury handbags and accessories. These stylish and boho chic bags are handmade in Kenya by artisans and include a socially responsible ethos.

The Bush Princess studio is located in Nairobi, where they support their local community and provide financial help to workers, including assistance to send their workers’ children to better schools. All Bush Princess materials are locally sourced, supporting Kenyan livelihoods in the making of each piece. The leather comes from Kenyan tribes who take great care of their cattle and graze them in the open African plains. The brass work is made from recycled metal by artisans from Kibera in Nairobi – Africa’s largest slum. The exquisite beadwork is created by a group of Maasai women. Each piece is handcrafted and exclusive in its creation.

Bush Princess is a chic international brand that blends dateless aesthetics with ethical practices. Master & Muse is delighted to bring Bush Princess’ gorgeous bags into the collection.

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