The Abury Collection is a chic line of responsibly made accessories that emerged from a intuitive desire by founder Andrea Kolb to merge artisan heritage with modern design. In 2008, Andrea moved to Marrakesh where she envisioned an opportunity to bring unique, fashionable accessories to the luxury market while at the same time help sustain the old craftsman culture of a beautiful place. Today, The Abury Collection exists as a group of collections created by emerging designers that collaborate with traditional artisans where they blend their skills, aesthetic and points of view to create high quality, handcrafted, stylish accessories.

Brazilian designer Mayta Lara Leal, created the collection for Abury called Free People, currently part of Master & Muse. Mayta couples a keen sense of design with a Masters in Sustainability in Fashion from ESMOD in Berlin, Germany. Understanding the importance that sustainability has on the health of individual communities, Aubry gives back to the local villages by offering work opportunities and providing hours of education for every product sold. Aubry’s mindful approach to designing and producing makes this collection of covetable handbags a natural fit for Master & Muse by Amber Valletta.

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